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When booking online, please pay attention to our new sizing/categories when you are re-directed to our booking site. We have added more options to ensure we have you booked appropriately and our groomers are given ample time to complete the necessary services for your fur baby!

Purple Background with Bubbles

Dog Grooming

Includes bath, blow out, nail trim, ear cleaning, and cut of your choice! Also includes a seasonal bandana or hair bows, your choice!



Purple Background with Bubbles

Brush - n Bathe

Includes bath, drying, deep brushing, nail trim, and ear cleaning. 



Purple Background with Bubbles
Cat with a Hat

Cat Grooming

Includes bath, blow out, nail trim, ear cleaning, brushing, with a cut optional (depending on breed and owner preference).

**Please call to schedule cat services 412.742.4187**



Dog Add-Ons

A La Carte Services

Nail Trim Only - $10              Nail Grind Only - $15 

Eye Trim Only - $10               Teeth Brushing - $8    Teeth Descaling - $60           Ear Clean Only - $5  Doggie Nail Polish - $8        Doggie Hair Dye - $22+

Feet Trim Only - $10            Sanitary Trim - $10      Anal Glands - $10               The "Works" - $15


The "WORKS" For only $15 you can add on a nail-grind upgrade, teeth brushing, and either a blueberry facial, oatmeal bath, hypo allergenic bath, or oatmeal bath upgrade to any full groom or brush-n-bathe service!

Shampoo Upgrades

Anti-Itch - $10                     Almond Crisp - $7 Blueberry Facial - $5               Flea-Bath - $10

Hypo-Allergenic - $7               Medicated - $7 Oatmeal - $7                 Shed-less Treatment - $15

De-Skunking Treatment - $10


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